Osama's Letter: "To my Precious Father," by A B

Among the released documents, recovered during the raid on the compound of Osama BIN LADEN, was this handwritten letter dated August 15, 2008, and addressed "To my Precious Father,"

What are the words/passages that were crossed out?  And why did he do so?

The first passage that was crossed out is between “I do not forget your favor in raising us,” and “deepening the concept of jihad in our hearts”. What else did he not forget but did not want to add in to the letter, or had difficulties finding a satisfying formulation? A few lines further down, he writes "What a father and how wonderful you are." followed by numerous words that he decided to strike through. Too bad only that mechanical translations do not take account for the in-between-the-lines and crossed out passages. 

Why didn’t he rewrite the letter, given that arguably the most emotional passages are a mess? And, more importantly, to whom was Osama BIN LADEN writing, as his natural father, Mohammed BIN LADEN, died in a 1967 airplane crash? Was it his stepfather? If yes, was it his stepfather that “deepened the concept of jihad” in Osama’s heart?