terrorist mindset / by A B

"Underground - The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche" is an extraordinary collection of testimonies by people on both sides of terrorism.

Against the backdrop of the sarin gas attack on 20 March 1995 in the Tokyo subway, that left (only) 12 people dead, Haruki MURAKAMI interviewed ordinary people that were affected by the attack and members and ex-members of AUM, the perpetrators of the attack. Especially insightful are the eight interviews with (ex-)members of AUM and their reasons to join the "doomsday cult".

Many were bored/disillusioned with life and/or needed a "strong hand" to guide them in life and tell them what to do. As for the ordinary people that were affected by the attack, it is remarkable that almost none of them called AUM a "terrorist organisation" during the interviews. Numerous people decided to ignore AUM altogether as in not watching or reading anything about them in the aftermath of the attack. 

There is much more relevant information in this book and I certainly recommend this impressive essay in witness literature to everyone interested in the "terrorist mindset". You can contact me for more detailed information.